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Master Your Growth    and leave to the accounting oversight to MicroCFO



Before you can ever Master Your Growth you have to Own Your Numbers which requires solid accounting that is:

  • Cogent - organized with your business purpose in mind,

  • Correct - for your purposes, not for tax preparation,

  • Consistent - booked the same way each month, and

  • Cost-effective - balancing precision with effort.


MicroCFO will coach your staff to provide solid accounting and grow in their knowledge and competence as your business grows.



To Master Your Growth you need to know what that growth might look like.  With your newly improved accounting and MicroCFO’s proven process we will create your annual budget, and then each month reforecast it based upon your actual results. Your budget will be:

  • Driven - by your bottoms-up sales prospects,

  • Detailed - where it counts, simplified where it does not, and

  • Divided - Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.


With MicroCFO providing annual budgets and live reforecasts throughout the year you will have the tools you need to Master Your Growth.



To Own Your Numbers you need good financial reporting. Solid accounting provides the details. Financial reporting transforms those details into knowledge that is:

  • Prompt - monthly closes in the subsequent month,

  • Pertinent - targeted at your decision needs, and

  • Provoking - more than just numbers, so you can make forward-thinking decisions.

MicroCFO has the experience to prepare monthly financial reporting that will help you Own Your Numbers.



So if you Own Your Numbers then you know how your business is doing. And with regularly updated forecasts you know what your prospects look like.  Now you just need to make the right decisions to Master Your Growth. But that is the really hard part.  To make robust decisions you need to:


  • Bracket - use your numbers to determine the top end and bottom end of the possible outcomes,

  • Back check - come up with the same answer from two different calculation methods, and

  • Bounce - the decision off an experienced, trusted business advisory who knows your company well.


As your split-time CFO MicroCFO will thoroughly know your business, personnel, industry, strategy and situation and will quickly become your number one business advisor.

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